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calidadActioMed is aware of the importance of meeting the needs of our customers with a policy of maximum quality in our service. Therefore all efforts are aimed at continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and to comply with all applicable requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements that affect us or affect our service.


ActioMed quality policy approach aims towards the common goal of maximizing customer satisfaction, in a continuous improvement process. The philosophy of our Quality Policy is summarized in the following points:


  1. Customer orientation should be the basis of the entire effort, putting our customers first and ensuring maximum satisfaction of your demands.
  2. Our quality goal is to go to "zero defects" and for that we have to do our job to the highest standars from the start, avoiding mistakes rather than correcting them later.
  3. Each member of the ActioMed family must know who their customers are and what you expect from them. We consider a commitment to quality from all employees an ongoing collective responsability. The Manager's office shall obtain a commitment for the quality of all the employees of the organization as a collective responsibility.
  4. The Quality Policy is the duty of everyone without exception. All our staff are required to know and comply with it.
  5. We realize that in addition to providing the material and human resources for the development of our activities, we must encourage and support a training program for all staff of the organization.


In implementing its quality policy ActioMed defined and implemented a quality system documented in our manuals and procedures, which was first certified by TÜV Internacional in August 2004 under the international standard ISO 9001:2008. We undergo self imposed external audits and renew our certification every 3 years.