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s_auditoriasActioMed has extensive experience in audits of the Pharmacovigilance system based on inspections by the Health Authorities, the qualifications of professionals in the field of pharmacovigilance and management of Quality Systems.


Both Good Pharmacovigilance Practices and existing legislation provide the need to conduct regular audits of the pharmacovigilance system.


The results of the audit provide an objective view of the implementation and maintenance of the System.

What ActioMed offers the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Internal audits of pharmacovigilance system, evaluating the current situation, identifying areas for improvement and advising the implementation and monitoring of corrective actions.
  • Support and expert advice on inspections by Health Authorities, working through the process (preparation, implementation and monitoring). We also provide a "Mock inspection" service to assist in your company's readiness.
  • External audits of pharmacovigilance to affiliates, partners and CROs.