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The cosmetovigilance refers to the set of activities and methods which aims to study, identify and assess potential undesired effects caused by cosmetics products after placing them on the market.


The ultimate aim is to adopt measures to increase the assurance of safety of cosmetic products.


s_cosmeto2What ActioMed offers the industry:


  • Implementation and maintenance of Cosmetovigilance System.
  • Ongoing advisory support.
  • Management and reporting of serious undesirable effects that have occurred with cosmetic products.




The Royal Decree 1599/97 and its subsequent amendments, requires the person responsible for placing the product on the market to have certain information, within which existing data on undesirable effects on human health caused by the cosmetic product because of its use must be submitted. This information must be easily accessible to competent authorities, at the address specified on the label.


The cosmetovigilance is the responsibility of the company, and specifically of the person responsible for placing the product on the market.


ActioMed to carry out its activity applies COLIPA (European Cosmetics Association) guidelines published in 2005, thus enabling us to give instructions to the cosmetics industry on the receiving, handling, evaluation, classification and reporting of events related to the use of cosmetic products. These guidelines also provide the public and the national authorities the assurance that the industry has a system of post-marketing vigilance based on accurate, reliable data whilst respecting the privacy of consumers and health professionals.




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